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Digital Media Strategy

Developing a strategy for online marketing is hard work. … A strategy requires to set up a plan with useful marketing tactics. You start with defining which goals you want to achieve and determine which resources are available to reach these goals. Then you identify which digital media to use.

Search Engine Friendly

In my years in the search engine optimization (SEO) industry, I’ve heard so many tales of web design firms that claim to do SEO. Or, there are stories about programmers/IT folks who tell their superiors, “I’ve got SEO handled.”

All too often, these folks really don’t have a clue.

This isn’t the case 100 percent of the time, but many times people will build what amounts to a “search engine friendly” website without truly understanding how to build a search engine “optimized” website.

Data Organization

Proper data organization will enable you – and others too – to find the correct version of the correct dataset quickly and easily. Consistent and clear file naming, a logically arranged set of folders for storing data files and consistent version management will all be helpful.

About Te Puke Digital

Te Puke Digital is setup as a Social Enterprise under the Mediastream initiative of Vector Group Charitable Trust.
vector group charitable trust

Mediastream was founded some years prior to Vector Group, and has since been integrated under the Vector Group NFP as a sustainability measure and revenue stream for Vector Group’s charitable purpose. Under the overarching banner of Mediastream are the initiatives- TEPUKEMAG,, Te Puke Film, Te Puke Travel Directory, Te Puke Shopping, which, also includes Te Puke Digital.

Te Puke Digital’s strategic focus is web design and development, web hosting, SEO and SERP, digital capacity, IT infrastructure, collaboration with strategic partners, building business profiles, equity and NFP support. 

Te Puke Digital has aligned itself to the agenda of Te Puke Economic Development Group and are in full support of value-add to the Te Puke Region. We service all of Te Puke’s official sites, TP EDG, Te Puke Goodness Grows Here. Te Puke Memorial Hall and the Te Puke Business Excellence Awards

We also launched Te Puke Travel and Tourism Directory and are working on a unique project Te Puke Shopping, Youth Provider Directory, and the Bay of Plenty Social Sector Directory.


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